The NoBowl Feeding System™


The NoBowl Feeding System

The NoBowl Feeding SystemTM is a new and ingenious invention that replaces the bowl with the hunt. Developed and designed by veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales this commonsense solution reawakens your cat’s natural instincts helping it become what it always wanted to be - a happy healthy hunter, all while indoors. Dr. Bales applied the science and behavioral findings of established leaders in veterinary medicine and designed a revolution in cat feeding that finally supports the cat’s physical and mental health.

Clean, safe and easy to use, the NoBowl Feeding System dispenses the dry food your cat loves in a way that triggers the inborn feline cycle of hunting, playing with prey, eating, grooming and sleeping.

Instructions on how to purchase your product

After signing up for Catvocate Pro, members will receive an account activation email for a new customer account at The NoBowl Feeding System™ Wholesale Store. All they have to do is activate it by choosing a password. 

Once logged in, they can begin placing wholesale orders as well as view previous orders. The account will also give them access to the feline environmental enrichment and NoBowl Feeding System™ educational resources. This includes downloadable handouts and video, along with an Environmental Enrichment Education Module and Certificate and (2) FREE full-sized posters.

How to take advantage of the Fear Free offer

Fear Free certified professionals receive an extra $20 off their wholesale order of a case or more! To take advantage of this, use promo code: FEARFREE

To educate staff and cat parents, The NoBowl Feeding System™ has created The Catvocate Pro program.  All Catvocate Pro members receive:

  • For your staff: Environmental Enrichment Education Module and Certificate
  • Digital tear sheets for exam room discussion of Feline Environmental Enrichment with clients.
  • For your Office: (2) Full Sized infographic posters, “What is Feline Environmental Enrichment?” and “Cats Need to Hunt” 
  • For your Clients: Digital handout “The Basics of Feline Environmental Enrichment”

All Wholesale orders are discounted at 30%. Retail price is $60. Minimum wholesale order is 1 case of 10 sets for $420 plus shipping.



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