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Fear Free Practice Certification Program

The Fear Freesm Practice Certification Program is scheduled to launch in 2018. In order to successfully certify practices, Fear Free requires a good number of professionals and team members to be certified and to have started implementing Fear Free into practices.

The Fear Free Practice Certification Program will be similar to AAHA accreditation in that it will be a process in which the entire practice team will participate. It will also require an on-site visit by one of our Fear Free consultants.

The Fear Free Practice Certification Program will cover not only the execution of Fear Free principles in a practice, but it will also evaluate the practice design (such as the setup of the treatment area, color schemes, coefficient of friction of flooring, type of lighting, exam room soundproofing and setup), smart scheduling, waiting room management, referral sources used, products used, and more.

Practices will be eligible to apply for certification if the following criteria are met at the time of application; 25 percent of staff or two staff members, whichever is greater, are Fear Free Certified. This ratio will need to be maintained in order to keep Practice Certification active.

As practices are signing up for the Individual Certification Program, we would encourage them to think about this stipulation when renewals are due in 2017.

Pricing (subject to minor changes as the program is finalized):

  • $1,650 per practice per year
  • Includes the practice certification as well as unlimited access for all staff members to the Fear Free Individual Certification Program. Other CE courses and programs will be available at an additional charge.

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