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Fear Freeā„  Testimonials from Valued Industry Professionals

"The Fear Free movement is truly about unleashing the power of the human-animal bond, creating a lifelong positive relationship with our companion animals. A Fear Free veterinary visit reduces stress and enhances well-being for both humans and our furry best friends, a win-win for all!"

Robin R. Ganzert, Ph.D.
President & CEO
American Humane Association

"I truly believe the implementation of Fear Free Practice will go down as one of our generation's most important contributions to veterinary medicine. More than just a set of standards to implement, practitioners who embrace the fear-free approach are making a commitment to patient-centric medicine as opposed to vet-centric practices, where their needs and comfort are considered the paramount consideration. This approach trickles down from the staff to the pet and the client, who recognizes and appreciates this patient-centered model of care. In turn, they are more likely to come in on time and recommend these practices to their friends. More than any posts on social media or reminders sent over email, this action proves to our clients that we have their pets' well-being first and foremost in our minds. I imagine future generations will look back on how we once practiced medicine through force and fear and will thank the stars that we finally saw the light, much like today's pediatric practitioners in human medicine do now."

Jessica Vogelsang, DVM, CVJ
Author, All Dogs Go to Kevin and Medical Director at Paws into Grace

"The Fear Free Movement has broken the shackles of fear and intimidation that has prevented veterinarians from providing compassionate care for pets and their families. Our veterinary health care team has found true joy caring and curing from our hearts with Fear Free principles. These principles allow us to provide compassionate care for pets and their families by displacing fear, distress and dismay with calm, kindness and compassion. "

Gregory K. Ogilvie, DVM
Diplomate ACVIM (Internal Medicine, Oncology)
Diplomate ECVIM-CA (Oncology)
Director, CVS Angel Care Cancer Center
Professor and Program Director of Veterinary Oncology, University of California San Diego

“Fear Free design connects us to the profound understanding of the perspective of animals.  Through this understanding, we are changing the way we create environments for the humane and compassionate care of animals.  Fear Free hospitals support the total wellbeing of pets.  By extension, Fear Free hospitals also help to support pet owners and veterinary professionals.  What is not to love about happy pets and happy people? Fear Free hospitals will change the world, for the better.” 

Heather E. Lewis, AIA, NCARB


"I am overjoyed at how veterinary teams have embraced Fear Free pet visits! You know me as a speaker and consultant, but I am also a former pet owner and very involved pet grandma to 3 grandpups.  I want Fear Free care for the pets in my life! I want to know their physical AND emotional needs will be addressed. I know that Fear Free practices get that. More importantly, they give it!"

Karyn Gavzer
Veterinary Management Consultant & Speaker

"For too long veterinarians (like myself) have focused almost exclusively on the physical health of pets; their emotional lives got little recognition. The Fear Free way changes all that and charts a new course for decreasing the stress and anxiety that has traditionally come with a visit to the vet. To heal them, they often have to come into the clinic – and a pet who’s not terrified of his doctor is well on their way to being healthier, happier pet. And more pets being seen and treated by veterinarians is part of the solution to a viable veterinary profession for years to come. "

Tony Johnson, DVM, DACVECC

"I’m confident pets, their people, and the practice would all vote for and benefit from Fear Free. It’s just the right way to do business."

Fritz Wood, CPA, CFP


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